Hands up, who's surprised?

The fascist swine Ahmed Akkari - spokesswine for the Danish Society of Fascist Imams - has issued threats of murder against Danish politician Naser Khader. That is not surprising. That Akkari is a fascist swine is well known. That the Danish Society of Fascist Imams is an organisation of fascist swines is likewise well known. That fascist swines consider threats of murder a legitimate political tool should not come as a surprise. That has, after all, been a consistent trait throughout the history of fascism.

In fact, there are only two things to say to this:

To Naser Khader, I say: May your life be long and happy. I respect and admire you enormously, and it would be an irreplacable loss for the Danish political life if you were to retire from politics (or be retired by fascist swines like Akkari or their SturmAbteilung goons).

To the fascist swine Ahmed Akkari, I say: Since I, unlike you, am a civilised person, I will not advocate sending goons to silence you. But make no mistake. I do hope to live long enough to piss on your grave. I would take the greatest pleasure from burying you with your head in a pig's ass and wrapped in dog excrements.

"Først så ta'r vi Laban i hans fede ben - herpå ta'r vi Akkari og slår ham med en sten, så hænger vi Hitler i en strop - ved siden af Abdul Wahid, så bli'r de rent til grin - de fire nazisvin,"


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