Bye, bye, Mister Bu$h

Despite the best efforts of the White House to round up any and all incriminating pictures of Bush and his good friend, longtime ally, and valued campaign contributer Jack Abramoff, the pictures are still around.

While this is the scandal that has greatest potential to become Mister Bush's Waterloo, it is but the latest in a string of misdemeanors as long as your arm. Leaving aside the fact that Mister Bush is a war criminal, who should by all right be sitting in a prison in Hague awaiting trial for the authorisation of torture and use of weapons of mass destruction, there have been numerous purely domestic scandals prior to this one.

We have the Enron affair, where the Bush regime's campaign of deregulation of the corporate sector coupled with cronyism and heavy conflicts of interest of several prominent members of the Bush regime (including, but not limited to, 'Torture' Cheney) enabled the CEOs of several large corporations to swindle shareholders for astronomical sums.

We have the wiretapping debacle, in which the NSA - with the full consent of the Bush regime - turned its espionage capacity to spying on American citizens without going through the irksome process of getting the proper warrents from a court. And this despite the fact that the Bush regime has a longstanding tradition of using 'black' courts to provide warrents in cases where the authorities wish that the investigations be kept secret. And the fact that these 'black' courts have yet to deny a single request.

We have the betrayal of Valerie Plame, where Karl Rove - the Bush regime's propaganda minister - betrayed the identity of a CIA operative because her husband had said some less than flattering things about él Prezidenté.

And there's the laundry list of fraud, theft, bribery, and assorted corporate corruption associated with Haliburton, 'Torture' Cheney's old firm.

Oh, and before I close off here and refer the honoured reader to the previously linked article, I think I should mention that the Bush regime has actively aided Israeli spies in obtaining classified documents...

Have a nice day, and may the Bu$h regime come to an ignominous end.


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