A scary perspective

This post, over at Majikthise, raises som seriously fucking scare perspectives to what seems like a fairly reasonable proposal.

While I personally find her endless repetition of the words 'corporate state' wearying, I must admit that her definition of fascism is clear and concise (I'm keeping it bookmarked to run a comparison at a later date between her definition and the ideology and behavior of the Islamic Society [sic] of Denmark and the Hizb al Tahrir)

Of course, most of the proposal is at least fairly reasonable, and not a lot of it is stuff we haven't heard before, and most of it seems fairly reasonable: Don't eat cat shit, do eat vitamins, don't smoke, do exercise, don't drink, etc.

But whether the authors of the article realise it or not, the title evokes some seriously unpleasant associations: The concept of the ever-pregnent woman is the cornerstone of all the kinds of barbarism that we have fought against during the twentieth century: The Church, Fascism, Maoism, you name it, the expedient production of new believers/factory workers/soldiers was higher on their list of desirable objectives than the well being of the women who gave birth to those future soldiers.

Now, I happen to think that advice to stay healthy is a Good Thing, and the proposals in question look exactly like that, so I think that I'm being paranoid here... But that doesn't mean that I have to like the tenor of that headline...


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