A belated Fourth of July greeting...

from a webcomic I only just came across today. Well, yesterday, if you want to be technical about it...


Do read the Archives. They're... Interesting... This, in particular, struck a chord with me. Although, in my version, the finger-doll is John Bolton. I mean, everyone already knew that the White House (any White House, really, regardless of the party affiliation of current occupants) regards the World Bank and the IMF as sections of the Treasury and State Department, respectively. It's depressing - and it's depressingly justified - but it is not, in the final evaluation, unexpected or unprecedented.

Bolton is one of those two. I'll leave it as an exercise for the reader to figure out which...

Oh, and I found this piece of information from his front page extremely interesting:

Yes, [Zarqarwi] renamed his organization "Al-Qaeda In Iraq." He did this in December 2004, nearly a year after we invaded based in part on the premise that he was a member of the organization.

[Zarqawi] and bin Laden also appear to have hated each other. But, after the invasion, Zarqawi's renaming of his group made sense for them both.

So much for 'fighting the terrorists abroad, so we don't have to fight them at home' - that was utter BS from the word go, of course, but it's always nice to see one's prejudices pandered to. Nice in a rather tragic sort of way, when it comes to geopolitics these days, but I suppose it's only human to look for a silver lining...


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