Desecrating Lady Liberty

I believe that this picture speaks for itself... Oddly, though, the people who made it seem to think it's pro-christian... I myself can hardly think of anything less likely to prompt me to convert...

EDIT: Aargh, this clearly isn't my day today... I forgot to hat-tip PZ over at Pharyngula for advertising the pic.


Blogger CFeagans said...

Is that George Carlin's Two Commandments she's holding?

Looks like a few were left off. :)

Anyway, I celebrate in my country today the freedom that allows religious nutters to do such things. And, of course, the freedom of godless heathens like me to ridicule their sorry asses.

Blogger JS said...

LOL. Nice link CF. Yeah, I think it's supposed to be the Ten Commandments... PZ claims that if you look closely, you'll see that the tablet has the roman numerals I through X written on it.

I didn't bother to check myself; the message is clear enough regardless.

And I know about 7/4... Although in my time zone it's actually 7/5 by now...

Nice of you to drop by. BTW, speaking of liberty, what would you put in a constitution?

- JS


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