Bad propaganda...

... rarely needs much comment. And in any case, there is a participant in the comments that does an excellent job already.

While I don't agree with Giaour on everything he says in the comments - I think the veneer of civility covering Christianity is thinner than he intimates, for instance - and while some of his posts bear some of the warning signs of an incomplete copy/paste operation, he quite succicintly sums up why christopaths are not our allies in the fight against ayatollahism.

Bonus points if you can guess how much I value the contribution of ayatollahism to the fight against christopathy.


Blogger CFeagans said...

Its tempting to sit back and watch as Herr Ratzinger's bunch and the Muslim fanatics engage in the next crusade and go to war with each other.

Ratzinger makes a comment in a speech that implies followers of Muhammad are followers of violence; the offended followers of Muhammad are affronted and respond by fire-bombing christian churches; Christian leaders feign apology and attempt to justify their comments, saying they really just want world peace. Bollocks.

For the atheist, it's a bit like watching a Trekkie dressed like a Klingon call the Star Wars fan dressed like a Jedi a nerd; while both act like their version of sci fi is the real one.

Blogger JS said...

Undeniably tempting. But a heckuvalot of civilians and other bystanders would get hurt. And the fallout into civilised society would be pretty severe too.

Quite apart from the fact that one or both sides might come out of the conflict strengthened.

- JS


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