The WorldNutDaily Gets it right!

Now, before any of my Honoured Readers (humour me here) move to pay their dues on any expensive bets, I should probably mention that this is a letter to the editor.

Of course, given the editorial - ah - style of the WorldNutDaily, one can surmise that at least some of the editors must agree with at least part of the letter.


Blogger CFeagans said...

The author of this article figured out something that many have been saying all along. In fact, I argued in a discussion with a mixed group (atheists/theists) that prayer should be permitted in public schools and, once it is, all students should be made to listen to the prayers of every single faith represented in the school as well as rational arguments against theism by freethinkers.

That the author chose not to enjoy a football game because of a 30 second invocation at the beginning of the game (which he could easily avoid by visiting the bathroom, concession stand or simply showing up late) is telling. The bigoted nature of the religious prevents them from acknowledging the views of others, since they consider only their own superstitions to be valid.

If prayer were mandatory in schools, more freethinkers would emerge because the schools would be forced to offer equal time to other religions and philosophies. And students would have opportunity to evaluate them instead of being sheltered from them.

The theme of the article was subtle but clear: "fellow christians, be careful what we wish for."

Blogger JS said...

A concise and coherent analysis, althought I disagree that prayer should be forced on people. I think the potential benefit of riling up the bigots, and exposing philosophically isolated kids to a dose of reality - while undeniably entertaining - does not nearly outweigh the violation of basic human rights, liberties and decency that forced prayer is.

- JS


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