Don Rummy takes one for the White House

The Danish Broadcasting Service now reports that the war criminal Donald Rumsfeld has stepped down. While I observe this with no small amount of sch├Ądenfreude, I doubt it'll really change anything much. But you read it here first (at least I beat Dispatches from the Culture Wars to it).

EDIT: And it also looks like the Rethugs didn't have enough Diebold machines emplaced...


Blogger CFeagans said...

I was watching the press conf. on msNBC at work today during a break and commented to a co-worker: "if the company fires me, would it now be appropriate for me to say "I stepped down" when future employers ask why I left?"

And El Prez acted shocked when Republicans lost the House and Senate...

Blogger JS said...

Probably because he was shocked. This is, after all, the first time the Rethug noise machine has failed them since - heck I'm too young to remember the last time.

Bush/Cheney for Prison. Preferably in Hague.

- JS


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